'' Ruffles & Rust Vintage: Potty Chair Update

Potty Chair Update

Potty ~ High Chair ?
Can't get the picture out of my head how this chair was used
Potty Chair Update....  I took off the tray and removed the broken arms and cleaned it really well.  After searching all over the shop for 2 matching iron brackets, I gave up and shopped my neighbor Cisco's (Restore and Rework) bins. He generously gave me these two that fit perfectly. One was white and the other black, so a quick spritz with the spray can and now the two black brackets turn this previously unusable wood tray into a quirky yet functional shelf.

Simple, yet fun ~ shiny red paint!

The timers came back from Germany with me ~ and yes,
 I DID have to explain the ticking things in my luggage.

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Jen said...

My grandmother used to tell a story (that we all hated) of renting the upstairs flat of a woman who used one of these. It was during World War 2 and my grandfather had shipped out. Grandma would go downstairs for dinner and to help with the kids (she had none of her own at the time). The first time she realized what was happening in that little chair she was MORTIFIED. She always told us that the woman would just shrug and say "it gets two jobs done at once"....but every time she told that story my sweet grandma would shudder and end her tale with a vehement, "it was DISGUSTING!" Ha ha! So fun to see one of these in real life! And what a beautiful job you've done restoring it!

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